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Nice to see you there ! I'm Jessica !
I'm an eternal dreamer, always on the lookout for new adventures.
I like cats, cows, coffee, tea, chocolate, old film cameras, music, video games, trekking, yoga, going to see the sea and get drunk from its sea spray, walking barefoot, the smell of old books, listening to you while sharing with me your personal stories...
I like a lot of things actually...
But my two main addictions are traveling and photographing.

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I mainly use a documentary style.
Because I don't like posed photographs nor uptight smiles.

I strive to photograph each person and each event in the sincerest and most caring possible way.
I’d like to share, exchange and have a good time with you.
I’d like to listen to you and observe you to better understand you.

In fact, I like simple things, natural and spontaneous actions, authenticity of emotions.
I like being on the lookout for all those little details that reveal the unique personality of each person and each moment.

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wedding photographer lyon


Because I'm versatile and qualified.
I can adapt to any situation.
My experience and flexibility allow me to improvise if circumstances require it.

Because I'm conscientious and punctual.
I have a healthy and steady pace of life; I never fail to do my job and I always make sure I'm in good shape for my upcoming sessions. In fact, I rarely get sick.
Therefore, if you make an appointment with me or if we plan a session, you can be sure that I will keep my commitments and be present.

Because I'm discreet.
The most successful photos are often unexpected, and I know how to capture them as stealthily as possible.
Making you forget about me, in order to better grasp the intimacy and naturalness of these moments, is part of my work.
At a wedding, I don't use flash so I don't interfere with the ceremony.
I'm careful and always do my best not to disturb anyone and a tidy appearance ensures that I blend in with you.
( like a secret agent ! )

Because I love what I do.
To me, photography was a passion way before it became a profession.
Your peculiarities, no matter how special they may be, inspire me, and I take great pleasure in creating images that match perfectly with your style.
I'm not just capturing your moments; I'm living them fully with you.
I love my job because it encourages encounters with all types of personalities, each as touching as the next.

Because I'm not just a photographer.
I put a deep value on the relationships I have with everyone.
I'm not just here to take pictures, I want to ensure you have a good time first.
Confidence and gut feelings are the most important elements of a successful session.
I try to put you at ease if the idea of being photographed makes you anxious, so that your stress doesn’t prevent you from enjoying the moment you’re offering yourself.
I’m emphatic and very sensitive, attributes that allow me to understand you easily, sometimes even without you talking at all.

wedding photographer lyon