Beautiful Venice

5 January 2018

This superb place holds 123 churches, 455 bridges and 177 canals,
according to local guides.
My feet had trodden its picturesque and colorful streets in two opportunities.

I was still a schoolgirl on a language class trip, the first time I came.
But having been sick 3 days out of 5,
my best memories come from my second round, in March 2012.

Now, we’re here in July 2017;
I’m back in this romantic city to cover a wedding,
with Sebastian, my faithful traveling companion, who’s never been here.

New adventures and new photographic strolls await.

canal de Venise


travel blog Venice

Venice travel blog

blog voyage Venise

Statue Venise

se perdre dans les rues

Getting lost is the best way to explore a city, so why not getting lost in Venice?

I actually don’t know where exactly this saying comes from, but I think it’s a really good advice.
Of course, you have to be bold and think outside the box in order to accomplish this task.

Despite my two previous visits,
Sebastien and I have experienced it a couple of times;

nd without any doubt, it’s be the best way to explore this city.
You can end up in the worst “cut-throat” street possible,
if you know how to take the time to have a good look around you,
the only risks you might face are:

 – Making nice discoveries, unusual ones sometimes. You won’t regret it.
– Finding yourself in one of the nicest dead ends you’ve ever seen.

Either way, it’s clearly worth the money.
If you also have time and
humor, the absurdity of certain situations may amuse you.
(For example, if this is the third time you’ve gotten lost in the last 45 minutes, use your phone’s GPS to get lost. True story.)

Without a doubt, getting lost is exhausting and it hurts your feet.
So, if I were to give you one more piece of advice:
Arm yourself with  patience and a pair of comfortable sneakers.
Because, if you’re as curious as we are, you’ll walk!

carnet de voyage

Blog voyage Venise

street art Venise

Blog voyage Venise

souvenirs de voyage

travel blog Venice

Blog voyage Venise

Venice also has daring clotheslines on every street corner.

Personally, I think it gives a little rustic look.
It makes me feel, paradoxically, like if I’m in a small country side village,
even with tourists and a population of 265,000.
You can be anywhere in this city,
and there’ll always be a clothesline nearby;
Mostly over your heads.

toits vénitiens

rues venitiennes

rues de Venise

rues venitiennes

culottes Venise

Lastly, I found myself wanting to draw my camera much more often than in any other city.

So, my final verdict is that this city is really photogenic,
at any time, day or night.

In fact, it doesn’t matter if it’s daytime or evening time, whether it’s cloudy, raining,
or maybe a blazing sun is ruling, the light is magical here.
Let’s face it.

eglise italienne

balade en Italie


place saint marc

serenissime Venise

façades vénitiennes

le belle Venise

luna italia

virée italienne

Venise la nuit

Quelques adresses :

Luna Sentada
 Fondamenta S. Severo, 5018, 30122 Venezia

A small restaurant where you can eat superbly,
but if you’re there when it’s not too cold and you’re lucky enough to be on the terrace,
it’ll make your dinner even more pleasant.
Reservation recommended.

Librairie Aqua Alta
Calle Longa S. Maria Formosa, 5176/b, 30122 Castello

If you like unusual places, literature and cats (many of them wander around or sleep there, peacefully perched on the shelves),
then this is the place.

librairie alta acqua

chat librairie alta acqua

La Mela Verde – Calle Seconda de la Fava

If you like ice-cream (indisputably, it’s the best one in Venice),
this is a must during your visit.
But beware though,
it’s a small take-away shop and it’s impossible to sit down.

meilleure glace de Venise

Arrivederci !!! 🙂