Family photographer Lyon

photographe famille lyon

Hi there !
I am Jessica, family photographer in Lyon.

If there’s one thing I’m extremely attached to, and which I could never let go of ?
My family photo albums !

I have often spent hours leafing through them,
always with the same crazy laughter and the same gulps of nostalgia.
At the end of the day, if you think about it, a family photo album is kind of the story of our lives, isn’t it ?
Why don’t you start by illustrating YOUR family story ?
Are you waiting for a happy event, and wish to keep the memory of this sweet impatience in pictures ?
I’m here to immortalize your pretty curves and your round belly in a photo shoot.

A pregnancy photo shoot is an opportunity to create beautiful memories,
that you can show your unborn baby when it grows up.
So, the child knows all the love that was around even before the birth.
Either you come alone or as a couple,
this session will be a pleasant moment of relaxation while waiting for the baby,
and I’ll be able to highlight the authenticity of this so singular adventure.

Do you want to live the unique experience of a lifestyle session with your family ?
I’m here to make you all have a good time together,
and to photograph all those little moments of your daily life,
so you all can rediscover them later,
with as much emotion as when you were there.

If you’re curious about how a family lifestyle photo shoot goes, click here.

Do you have any questions or would you like to book your photo shoot ?
Feel free to contact me.