Lifestyle family Session

30 April 2019

How’s the process of a family photoshoot with me ?
Quite simple in fact !

When it comes to family photos, I have a so-called “lifestyle” approach.
In other words, I photograph real moments in your life,
as natural as possible and without staging.
In this way, I can create a little reportage on your daily life.

I’ll go directly to your house for a home photoshoot,
or we can go for a walk together to a park, beach, fairground, forest or any place you like.
Once we had a little chat and I took my camera out of my bag, there’re only two things left to do:
Just be yourself and live as you daily do ! I’ll take care of the rest !
The images resulting from this session are spontaneous and will tell an unique story: Yours !

Today I’m going to tell you the story of Alessio.
Alessio is an adorable little boy of 2 and a half years old.
To start his day on the right foot, he likes to accompany his feeding-bottle with chocolate biscuits.
He already knows how to put his shoes on like a grown man.
To soothe his sorrows and discontents, nothing like his mommy’s arms.

Alessio has a superhero scooter to get around, and once on it, he’s off like a rocket.
He also loves taking public transportation.
Fascinated by buses, he exclaims every time he sees one.
Once inside, he likes to observe the world through the window.
And when he’s too tired from his day, he collapses in the arms of Morpheus.
He’s a mischievous, playful little boy.

Always ready to clown around and laugh.
Even when it’s time to eat.

Alessio has a little green stuffed hedgehog named Sala.
He shares his cookies with him.
You got it right, that little boy has a busy day !
Later on, he’ll most certainly be a bus driver.
Or a champion at making faces !