Love session in New Zealand

24 January 2019

My 2018 ended in New Zealand.
I spent New Year’s Eve with Sebastian and two adorable New Zealanders on a heliport,
drinking fake champagne and gazing up at the stars. Anyway,
I finished the year on a high note…

And, I hit 2019 just as wonderfully,
with a couple session with two super-cool lovebirds: Mel and Seb.
They agreed to follow me to Cable Bay,
near the town of Nelson in Tasman Bay.
We walked to the top of a small hill,
under the intrigued gaze of the sheep,
to enjoy a magical panorama,
with a breathtaking view of the sea and Pepin Island.

Mel and Seb are one of those couples with contagiously euphoric smiles,
that radiate happiness and serenity.

These two intrepid ultra-accomplices used to live in France,
but they left everything to go on an adventure to the end of the world.
They’re planning to stay in New Zealand for an entire year,
before setting off to explore the Asian lands.
It’s a bold choice though,
but you don’t have to give it much thought to realize they made the right move.
Travel … Recharge your batteries …
Take risks … Break your limits …
Be free … and alive …
Such a role model ! Unquestionably !

This time, I thought it was a good idea to create a slide show to share with you !
So, I let you discover the pictures from their couple photoshoot
by following the YouTube link below.

Elin McCandless – On Sundays I Dream